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Depending on the client’s needs, digital communication agencies create manageable and responsive platforms. The web agency establishes a plan adapted to all communication media. It carries out various services: webdesign, web development, visual identity…

A web project? An idea?

Custom websites

An effective digital strategy has been put in place allowing access to the customised website Termitas to build user loyalty and satisfy visitors.

Mobile applications

These programs adapted to the technical environments of smartphones provide more efficient access to computer-accessible websites.

Webdesign & graphics

Graphic design represent all the shapes, logos, icons, images and colours influencing the perception of Internet users visiting a website.

SEO referencing

Natural referencing allows websites to appear in first place on search engines. This privilege increases the number of visits.

Implementation of your webmarketing strategy

The implementation of a webmarketing strategy depends on the objectives to be achieved. One of them is to optimize a website in order to offer visitors a better user experience and encourage them to buy.

Digital communication

Digital communication represents all the actions and strategies of Communication 2.0. Its aim is to transmit messages, results or values in order to attract the attention of a target audience.

Thanks to digital communication, business leaders improve the visibility of their companies. In order to transmit messages, modern digital communication carries out the animation of a network or the moderation of a community. This discipline focuses on the interaction between companies and Internet users.

SEO strategy


SEO audit

The success of an SEO audit depends on the nature of the client. The interest of the digital project varies when it is a small craftsman or a large company that wants to position itself on the top.


An effective backlinks strategy of a website allows to gain more value on each link created. The more your website will have quality backlinks, the more it will be referenced.

Web content

SEO is important, SEO content is content that is optimized for search engines and useful in the referencing of a website. Good content makes the portal visible in SERP results.

Functional design
The objective of a web designer is to optimize the ergonomics of a web portal. The goal is to make navigation more intuitive and practical. The functional design of a website makes the platform more efficient. The design depends on the desired project: making contact, online ordering, subscription to a newsletter …
Emotional design
Emotional design expresses a personality through a service or product. The objective is to allow users to feel an interaction with a human being. It elicits positive emotional responses from Internet users. In this way, a pleasant and new experience is offered to cyber readers.
Responsive Design
Called a reactive website, responsive webdesign is a platform offering comfortable consultation through different media. The objective is to facilitate the consultation of a website, whatever the size of the screens. The trick is to automatically adapt the digital application to different types of screens.